The Garden

A green, lush estate of almost a hectare: shady old trees, a greenery labyrinth, picturesque alleys, multi-colored flower beds, fresh air, bird songs. Over 150 species of flowers and trees are, one by one, enchanting us every season. Long story short, everything that takes you off the daily urban mood, and yet so close to the city.

A wedding or a baptism in the garden are spectacular through the lush surrounding plants and the natural decors. We wanted to allow our guests to have multiple options to cherish and enjoy the nature. The Terrarium outdoor lounge, the pool area, the lawns and other secret little corners fulfill our concept of nonchalant events.

Besides, the lawns are the perfect scene for outdoor ceremonies or different fun activities during the party, with all these tall, shady trees surrounding them in the background.

The pool

Hedged by a tall, thick Tuya fence, the small, clear waterhole fulfills the mood in a captivating way, being another charming zone. In the nearby wooden shed, beautified by a spectacular wisteria, ceremonies can also take place or you can simply enjoy the vibes.

If you want to make a reservation for an event, please give us a call to make an appointment. The property can be booked entirely and exclusively.